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Zoe Sofair

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Zoe brings to the table an impressive 8-year track record as a freelance Executive Assistant, dedicated to empowering small businesses by liberating their founders from time-consuming tasks. Her dynamic career also extends to her colourful role as a glitter and UV artist for events, adding sparkle to any occasion. But the versatility doesn't end there - Zoe also masterfully hosts both virtual and in-person escape room experiences, demonstrating her unique blend of creativity and leadership.

Occasionally, Zoe can also be found orchestrating events and weddings, further showcasing her knack for managing intricate details and diverse roles. After all, who says you can only wear one hat?

At Maneuvre, Zoe leverages her vast expertise to assist the founders with daily operations and reporting. Her invaluable contribution ensures the founders have the necessary time and headspace to focus on what they do best: delivering exceptional services to Maneuvre's clients. Through her adept operational skills and tenacious spirit, Zoe embodies the mantra 'multitasking redefined'.