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Maneuvre's Programs

For enterprises

Expand, strengthen, or start sell-oriented communications and PR.

For VCs and investors

Launch a communications, marketing and PR function for your fund or your best and brightest companies.

For agencies

Instantly deliver on new business without worrying about project margins or client competition.

For individuals

Polish your presence as a founder, expert, or leading executive.

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How We Work

Modular. Flexible. Scalable.

Our programs are designed for every size and stage of business and career, and our hourly rate model means we can easily adjust to your changing priorities.  

Where We Begin

Crafting your sell.

Other agencies call it your story, your narrative, or your lore. 

We call it the "sell." Because that's what you want it to do - sell your expertise, sell your value, sell your product!

We get to work immediately to identify the incredible value you bring to your buyers. No weeks of discovery here! 

From there, we help you show up where your buyers are - from podcasts to press to events and more.

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How we execute

The modules you can add onto your PR program to show up everywhere you want to be.
Press & Media

Making news and being newsworthy. Sharing your story in a more personable way through podcasts and visual media.

Awards & Events

Have your hard work and success recognised and legitimised through awards, accolades and event presence. Curate your calendar with the right conferences and ROI-driven experiences.

Executive Thought Leadership

Share your opinion on the mediums that matter to your buyers. Including op-eds, LinkedIn articles, newsletters, community creation, and more.

Website and Online Presence

Utilise your digital real estate as well as possible.

Visuals and Presentations

Polish your palette and imagery to match your prowess. Making sure your work sells in the rooms where it matters.


Leveling up your Google, wiki, and external site placement.

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Let's sell.

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