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Our mission

To help visionaries like you scale.

Whether you’re heading up the next big tech unicorn, or finally launching the passion project of your dreams:

Your time is invaluable.

We want you to spend it where you're irreplaceable. We're here to help run your communications without losing focus on results.
What we do

We run sell-oriented comms.

We know that the return on investment for PR, communications, and marketing is hard to quantify. That's because these activities are isolated from your revenue and growth goals, and they shouldn't be.

Our scalable, customizable communications programs combine narrative, strategy and execution to help you sell across every channel that matters to you.

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About We Are PR with ROI V2
Why us

We're PR with ROI.

As knowledgeable as an in-house department. As fast as a freelancer. Generating valuable assets that you own [forever] while cultivating your independence. We deliver hyper-efficient services at a super-competitive rate, at less than half the cost of a full-time hire.

In short: We're a partner, not just a provider.

How we excel

We prioritise smart work, and working smart.

Maneuvre is home to a high-performing team of PR, communications, marketing and writing experts that want to work on the right work.

To use our clients' time and resources effectively, we begin at our own desk. We foster this independence, business savvy and prioritisation within ourselves so we can bring it to you and your team. Our unique approach to human-friendly productivity earned us both Global and EMEA placements as a Top 50 Inspiring Workplace, with special recognition for our culture and purpose.

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Your Team at Maneuvre

Our top-notch, Europe-based team is well known for its emerging technologies communications and advisory - and they're supported by a global network of experts, consultants and contractors. 

Work with us

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