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Michalina Brokos

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Michalina is the extraordinary senior marketing and communications strategist at Maneuvre. With her remarkable blend of marketing, content creation, and design expertise, Michalina ensures clients take center stage as their groundbreaking projects dazzle in the limelight. Her adeptness allows clients to enjoy peace of mind, knowing their endeavors are in capable and creative hands.

Before joining Maneuvre, Michalina donned various hats throughout her illustrious career. As a graphic designer at LPP, one of Europe's largest clothing companies, she honed her eye for detail and design. Her diverse experience spans roles as a social media, graphic, and content specialist in boutique design studios, a marketing automation agency, and an architecture office. Michalina also boasts exceptional event organization skills, orchestrating local and international events and festivals at the Cultural Institute in Gdansk. As an integral member of the non-profit organization MEDS (Meeting of Design Students), she played a pivotal role in organizing the Polish edition of MEDS in 2021. Michalina also served as the CMO for a web3 gaming project, further expanding her range of talents.

Michalina's impressive academic credentials include two BAs in product design and culture animation from the esteemed Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, Poland, and an MA in product design from the renowned University of Arts in Poznan, Poland. Her passion for innovation drives her interest in new technologies, such as AI for creatives, and the burgeoning potential of web3 tools in everyday life.

At Maneuvre, Michalina employs her versatile skillset to craft comprehensive strategies tailored to clients' needs.

When she's not working her magic professionally, Michalina is an avid traveler, a talented jewelry crafter, and a dedicated Duolingo enthusiast (with an impressive 2+ year streak!). Collaborating with Michalina guarantees an unparalleled partnership with a gifted, passionate, and driven professional who will elevate your brand to astonishing new heights.