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Why Maneuvre

Emerging tech experts

Our team specialises in emerging technologies, including AI, metaverse, web3, cryptoassets, biotech, and more.

We use our deep experience in these sectors to act as a fractional communications and PR department for your startups, seamlessly integrating for their (and your) success.

Scalable PR

Ideal for new companies

We work primarily with early-stage tech companies, making our services perfect for early-to-mid-stage VCs and investors. With Maneuvre, you can be confident that your founders are nurtured by a team that understands the nuances of the tech industry and drives them to their fullest potential.

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Bottom-line benefits

VC referral program

We appreciate partnerships that transcend business transactions. Should any of your portfolio companies choose to engage us independently, you'll earn hours with Maneuvre for your own goals.

If you're looking for PR for your fund or firm, visit our Enterprises page.


Bring PR that sells to your portfolio companies 

Hire Maneuvre to support your high-priority investments and visionary founders.