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Getting started

Efficient exploration

We get up to speed quickly - preferring to learn as much as we can about your organisation while already identifying the opportunities you can activate on now. Once we're contracted, we'll request a list of reading material. After one week of review, we'll schedule our kickoff call, where we'll ask our questions and give you an overview of how we'll execute in the coming months.

Working with us

Collaborative team

We work well independently or with an existing marketing, communications and/or PR team.

If you're bringing on support for your existing employees, we'll identify together how to use your resources most wisely. 

If you don't have a team yet, great. We'll build the foundational materials and strategies so you can hire one with ease. 

Additional value for money: We drive learning and growth within your team. Recognising the financial constraints of growing businesses, in our model, your team benefits from impactful mentorship for your junior-to-mid-level executives.


ROI-driven focus

We identify what quantifiable results would mean the most for your business and prioritise them above all else.

Every enterprise that works with Maneuvre selects the modules/services that are the most critical to their success.

However, as we identify obstacles to your strongest presence, we will share them and help solve them with you.

Our flexible hours model means we can add on projects any time. 


Work with Maneuvre

View our pricing for enterprises and get in touch.