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Programmes For Agencies
How it works


Our agency program is designed for us to act as your firm's "silent" yet effective partner. We come in under your brand to help deliver rapid results for your new business or existing clients, eliminating the need to hire additional staff. We help you save on costs, time, and resources while maintaining top-tier service delivery. 

Expand your client base

Hire our expertise

Looking to tap into the emerging tech market but require more expertise? We’ve got you covered. With our credentialed subject-matter experts, we help your agency confidently navigate and capitalise on innovative technologies such as AI, metaverse, web3, crypto, biotech, and more. Our services are tailor-made for agencies seeking a seamless, effective partnership to amplify their capabilities.

Agency benefits

Hassle-free execution

We understand that client work can get demanding, with deliverables piling up and time seeming to always be in short supply. As your partner, we manage and execute these deliverables without fuss, ensuring each task is completed to the highest standard, on time, every time. We aim to free up your resources so that you can focus on what you do best – strategising and building client relationships. 


Expand your client base

Hire Maneuvre to expand into new emerging tech sectors or to activate on high-priority new business.